The RenEcol – Mission

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RenEcol delivers high-quality, sustainable medical content. Formats include blog articles, courses, apps,…

RenEcol wants to promote helping, which comes mainly from the intellectual performance of the medical professional. That is sustainable. Well decided and thought about for the long term, wise medical decisions are resource efficient. See also the “Smart Decisions” initiative of the German Society for Internal Medicine and the concept of the Sustainable Health System in Switzerland.

RenEcol wants to achieve reach for the appropriate target groups despite this and precisely for this reason. Therefore, the publication formats are slim in design and easy to find in search engines. Links to articles can be shared in a common electronic way, but the search strategy can also be communicated simply verbally: “Renecol plus keyword.”

RenEcol strives – where it fits – for multilingualism, thus maximizing the plurality of knowledge. The translations are prepared via artificial intelligence, but require the revision of native speakers.

RenEcol should remain open and available free of charge to all.

RenEcol – Associations


Re-Think. Not to accept the given. Rethink.


École. French for school. Learning as a prerequisite for change. Education as the most important building block for sustainability.


Collectif. Collective, collaborative. RenEcol focuses on the social.

RenEcol – Contact

Do you want to help people by making smart decisions? Would you like to provide food for thought for more efficient and sustainable medicine?

Would you like to publish multilingually and contribute to medicine for large populations?


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