Terms of use

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When reading

RenEcol tries to deliver content as barrier-free as possible.

RenEcol is a private initiative. This means that everything that costs money (speed, availability, brilliance) will look a bit paler with RenEcol. But we can work on that. If enough people express interest in RenEcol, things can and will be improved.

RenEcol is free to use.

When writing

Do not write anything bad or wrong, keep respect for other people.

Be authentic, write under your real name, upload a profile picture. You write as a human for humans.

Pay attention to copyright. Quote and link correctly. Support as much as possible with references. You want to publish facts.

Make your own backup copies of your texts. Even if RenEcol is backed up regularly, there may be failures, extortion attempts, etc. – so in the worst case everything is gone.

Give advice on what can be improved.

And also…

take a look at what the RenEcol – Mission is.